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The True Gift Of Iron

The True Gift Of Iron

In the cancel culture world we’re living in - it’s hard to know what is or isn’t offensive. It seems that what was acceptable yesterday - has become off limits today… so how, as people who’s biggest focus is the next set or rep, do we navigate this world? The answer? Confidence… and in the gym is one of the best places to get it.  Let’s get into this…

What are we doing? 

I don’t mean you and I, obviously…  

I mean us - as a society. Now, as an American, I really don’t care what the rest of Western society does, I’m strictly talking about here at home… what the F**K are we doing? For a country built on freedom - most importantly, freedom of speech - it seems like we’ve bent the knee to certain words, and it should make us ALL angry. 

But it doesn’t…

We’ve come to accept that our society has become, for lack of a better term, “softer” - and we just shrug our shoulders and start policing the way we talk. We stop saying certain words for fear of cancellation - and we should be scared - there have been instances of people losing their livelihood for something they did or said outside of their job. 

All it takes is ONE viral video of you saying the wrong thing to the wrong person - and you could find yourself an unemployed pariah… even if that video is just a snippet without any kind of context. 

Now, don’t get me wrong - I DO think certain actions should have consequences…

But I don’t believe those consequences should extend beyond the moment and place they happen. I grew up during a time when if somebody said something you didn’t like - you had a conversation with them. If you couldn’t find common ground - then you could choose to walk away - or let your fists do the talking and that’s no longer the case. 

People talk to each other sometimes as if there is no threat of being punched in the face - and I think we’re at a tipping point where if we don’t remind them soon - it won’t be just our speech that’s being socially policed. Thanks to social media, people have become way too comfortable talking disrespectfully - and we’ve become way to comfortable by letting that happen. 

You know, we’re barely a hundred years removed from a time when two grown men would have a gun fight in the middle of the street for one of them calling the other a “cheat” in a card game. Yet now, I’ve seen men afraid to throw hands after being physically and verbally attacked. 

It’s both sad and angering at the same time.

I’m not saying we need to turn back the clock - but what I am saying is we need to both lighten up and toughen up. 

There is NOTHING you can say that will offend me. Nothing. I refuse to give any person that kind of power over me. You can attack my characters, my physical appearance, my mental acuity and even my genealogical make up - and it wouldn’t make one iota of difference. 

Words and people only have power if you allow them to - and I’ve spent way too many years building up my OWN power to allow somebody’s words to offend me. What offends me is weakness - either physical or mental. It offends me because it’s a personal choice. Since the age of 14 - my entire life has been dedicated to making myself an unstoppable machine because I understand that weakness of mind and weakness of character - are often tied to weakness of the body. 

If you have the discipline to build your body - you often have the discipline to be a polite member of society. You’re not offended easily because you have confidence. It’s not the confident that get offended - it’s often the unconfident - as they have no actual means of fighting back besides becoming part of a collective. 

The confident are often unapologetic…

We’re not sorry for telling the blunt, honest truth. 

We are who we are - and if you can’t take feedback or constructive criticism for what it is - we’re not going to be sorry that you’re offended. Even more, even though offending you with the truth wasn’t our goal - the fact that you GET offended by truth - gives us a slightly twisted sense of satisfaction. 

Confidence is a gift of the iron…

It’s one of those things that no amount of cancellation can take away. 

Not saying we can’t be rattled..

But the fact is - being strong and confident in our society is the best defense to cancellation. That being said, it’s also become rarer. Our confidence as a society has dwindled down to basement level numbers. Now, I’m not talking about the false bravado we see on social media - 98% of that drivel isn’t real. 

However, what is real are the gains you make every day in that gym. Even going to the gym when you’re tired and not feeling strong is confidence building - because you didn’t let your comfort-seeking brain win. Your will won - and that makes you stronger in ways you can’t even comprehend. 

My advice to anybody in 2024’s American society…

Don’t be weak. Don’t let the words or actions outside of the circle of those you love - offend you. Don’t give the weak power over the strong. 

Be unapologetic. Be you. Say what you want - but be ready to pay the price if somebody doesn’t like what you say…

And finally, get in the gym. Nothing destroys weakness like 225 for reps on the bench… or 405 for rep deadlift. 

Let the iron build your confidence…

Accept this gracious gift and live free. 

“The kind of man who demands that government enforce his ideas is always the kind whose ideas are idiotic.” - H. L. Mencken

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