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Comfort Kills

Comfort Kills

As we speak, you’re being lured into a dark and dangerous world. A world where you’re seen as nothing more than a number - a bottom line. A place where you’re a resource. Nothing more, nothing less. The powers that be want you comfortable and asleep so you don’t see what’s going on around you - but you’re wide awake… not woke. Let’s get into this…

After one of my many workouts this week - I was sitting on the bench in the locker room - cataloging my aches, pains and injuries. As I sat on that cold granite I came to a realization… an epiphany: 

I chose this life of pain. 

From the time I was 14-years-old till now - I’ve put my body through absolute hell. 3 years of high school football, 2 years of Division 1 football, 16 years of professional wrestling, 18 years of Brazilian jiu jitsu and 37 years of lifting. That’s A LOT of physical abuse - not to mention the 6 years of skateboarding I did during my childhood and early teens. 

The fact that I don’t have more ACTUAL injuries is nothing short of a miracle. 

A torn shoulder, a few herniated discs in my neck and chronic lower back pain over DECADES of physical destruction - ain’t bad. Even more, the shoulder and herniated discs didn’t happen till the last couple of years - meaning I’ve gone through most of my life injury free. 

Not pain free - but as close to injury free as many in my position. 

But I've chosen this life of pain - and odds are - if you're reading this, you have made that same decision. If you're sore and tried from training - if you have aches and pains - it's because you CHOOSE to. We're cut from the same cloth...

And I count myself as blessed - I’m still hurting… and that’s GOOD. 

You’re probably wondering, “Good? How can being in pain be good?” 

Because pain is a barometer that measures the kind of life you lead. There are many people I know who are content to eat garbage, spend their weekend on the couch or on a barstool, watching some sport of choice as life passes them by. 

They’re comfortable - and comfort kills. 

Comfort doesn’t just kill your body - it kills your dreams. Why would you be out there hustling when you’ve got a nice, cozy couch to sit on, a fresh battery in your remote control and the newest season of your favorite show on Netflix to binge? No, you’re being lulled into a false sense of security. 

There are powerful forces out there - specifically designed to keep you in the “dream state”. A dream state that keeps you plugged in and unaware of the REAL world and vast opportunities around you. They want you stuck in a digital world of comfort…

The matrix. 

But that’s now who YOU are, is it. 

You’ve taken the red pill. 

Your eyes are wide open to what’s going on…

Which is why you resist the “easy life”. You don’t run through the drive through when you’re tired and don’t want to cook. You go to bed early rather than binge some stupid show. Why? Because you’ve got to wake up early to workout before you go to your job. 

You know that to have a strong mind - you need to have a strong body… and you’re not going to take any shortcuts. 

Let the physically weak and weak minded remain jacked in - they can be the first zombie food during the apocalypse. 

They’d never survive a day in our world - and that’s the point. You can’t let the creature comforts drag you down into their world. You can’t let the allure of relaxation divert you from your goals. 

There used to be a saying, “Are you a mouse or are you a man?” 

In 2024, there are too many of the former and very few of the latter. 

You, my friend, are a rare breed in a world hell bent on creating soft targets. 

You’ll never be a target…

You’re hard to kill. 

“Every night before going to sleep, we must ask ourselves: what weakness did I overcome today? What virtue did I acquire?” - Seneca

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