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The Deliberate Takedown of The American Alpha

The Deliberate Takedown of The American Alpha


What is happening to American men? 

At one time, we were the posterboys for strength, virility and relentlessness - we were the ideal male - pushed forward by the popularity of tall, strong and handsome actors that captivated the world’s attention. 

John Wayne, Steve McQueen, Sylvester Stallone - these men all portrayed their version of the “American Alpha” - and it’s images that these men projected - that much of the world views as what an “American man” should be. For years, that’s been exactly what they’ve gotten. Stoic, strong men - suffering in silence - but moving forward the best way they can. 

It’s this image of men - as well as those of the Greatest Generation that put it all on the line during WWII - that helped give our country clout in the eyes of the world. Strength has always been an American virtue…

But something has changed. 

The new American male isn’t strong, virile or relentless - to be honest, they now seem to be the exact opposite. In the eyes of many, the NEW American man is weak, impotent and lazy. Now, this shift seems to have happened over the last few decades - with the rise of the Millennial and Gen Z generations. 

Now, masculinity has become “toxic” - trying to help somebody has become “mansplaining” - and if you think that a traditional relationship where the man earns the money while the wife takes care of the home is ideal, then you better keep it to yourself, or else you can expect to feel the wrath of the perpetually offended on every social media channel imaginable. 

We’ve gone from stoic - to whiney - in just 2 generations. 

It’s sad…

But maybe, JUST maybe, this downshift in the American Male… was deliberate? 

I know that sounds, well… crazy, almost conspiratorial - but when you look at the facts and data, there seem to be a lot of coincidences. Such as the widespread use of Atrizine as an herbicide on farms all across America. 

Do you know what Atrizine is? It's a widely used herbicide that helps control broadleaf and grassy weeds in crops like corn and sugarcane. It works by inhibiting photosynthesis in the targeted weeds - preventing them from growing and competing with the actual food crops. While this is incredibly effective - there’s a problem… 

It may be quickening the emasculation of American men. 

Now, Alex Jones called attention to this fact over a decade ago - shining light on the atrazine and how the farm runoff was turning the frogs into hermaphrodites - with male frogs producing eggs instead of sperm. Of course, he was shunned and mocked as a "conspiracy theorist"… but now, data shows that he was absolutely right. (You can read the research here)

You’re probably wondering, “So? It turns frogs into hermaphrodites… what does that have to do with me?

Well, seeing as many farms use Atrizine as an herbicide - that runoff goes right into our rivers, oceans and, even worse - into our water table. We’re drinking the same chemicals that are turning male frogs into female frogs - and nobody seems to be talking about it. 

But let’s get to the “conspiratorial” part…

Is it deliberate? 

Well, seeing as much of the farmland in America is owned by either Bill Gates - somebody who has a vested interest in controlling our food supply…

Or foreign entities that would benefit from a weaker America - you be the judge.

Obviously, there’s no proof of any deliberate emasculation that I can find - but you know what they say, “where there’s smoke… there’s fire.” The only thing we can do is keep people educated about it. Knowing is half the battle. 

If we’re going to leave a strong America for future generations - we need to ensure that men can be men… strong, virile, stoic men that work relentlessly to provide a life for their loved ones and families. 

You want a strong America? 

Keep your testosterone up… 

Your kids and grandkids will thank you for it. 

“Great men are the real men, in them nature has succeeded. It doesn't take great men to do things, but it is doing things that make men great. I fear uniformity. You cannot manufacture great men any more than you can manufacture gold.” - Marcus Auerlius

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