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Left Or Right... Let Them FIGHT!

Left Or Right... Let Them FIGHT!

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who talk… and those who act. We’re living in a world that is increasingly filled with the former and less of the later. When did it become ok to attack somebody’s life, family, spirituality and/or creed - and not expect a physical confrontation? Texas and Washington state have it right - it’s time the rest of the US follows suit. Let’s get into this…

Contrary to what the peace-loving, granola-crunching, tree-hugging hippies might believe - sometimes… 

Violence IS the answer. 

Of course, this isn’t a popular opinion. If you say this in some circles, you’ll be ridiculed as uncouth, uncultured, and of course, uncivilized. If you embrace this philosophy - you’ll be viewed as a throwback, or worse, obsolete. 

You see, as the Bible predicted - the meek have inherited the earth. Men of action are no longer as valued as they once were. What is valued in Western Society in 2024? Being able to operate a computer and acquiring social validation points that show the rest of the world that you’re as compassionate and caring as your social media feed portrays you to be. 

How do you acquire said social validation points? Simple… by shouting down and raising your puny fist in defiance against anything that stands diametrically against what YOU believe to be “correct”...

Meaning, because you’ve villainized those that you disagree with - you have no problem dehumanizing them - and calling them vile names, because…

You have no fear of physical harm or repercussions. 

You’re a keyboard warrior - standing tough behind a computer screen and the safety of the walls of your home - shouting with impunity at any and all who oppose you. 

Yeah… this sh!t needs to stop. 

This digital bravado isn’t making our world better - it’s making it worse. Have you ever heard the phrase, “an armed society is a POLITE society”? We’ve defanged wolves to the point that they cowering like a cur dog to chihuahuas - and it’s time to remind these people that a wolf, defanged or not, is still a f**king wolf. 

Of course, there are a few places in America where a wolf can still keep his fangs.

Texas and Washington state (not the cesspool that is D.C.) are what are known as “Mutual Combat” states…

Meaning that if two people have a problem - the two of you can step into a safe area (such as a park or alley) and engage in fisticuffs, throwdown, dance the violent tango or whatever you like to call fighting. Of course, like all Western societies - there are rules. 

In Texas, the mutual combat rules state, “mutual combat is legal as long as both parties consent, and there are no serious injuries, criminal gang involvement, or other restrictions. Consent can be implicit, but the defendant must prove that it was reached. Mutual combat can be a defense against assault charges in limited circumstances, such as if the fight occurs outside and no one is seriously hurt.

In Washington, “mutual combat is legal, but there are some restrictions, including no punching, weapons, or serious injuries. Assault can be used as a defense if no one was seriously hurt, the victim knew the risks, and consent was reasonable.

Wait… no punching in Washington? Well, at least Texas has it right. 

Either way, the US should follow suit as a country. You want to put an end to pettiness and keyboard warriors? Make the US a mutual combat nation. 

If people have a problem? 

Let them FIGHT. 

That “friend” on Facebook that is condescending and offensive during every interaction you have? If the US adopts legal mutual combat - you can knock on his door and ask him to fight. If he says, “No”... you can inform him (or her) that any further disrespectful interactions on his part will be viewed as acceptance of mutual combat - and hence it’s on sight from that point forward. 

Protestors and counter-protestors clashing over whatever is the issue de jour of the day? Fine. No longer do you need to worry about getting arrested when things get heated… agree to mutual combat with one another, move to some open park where you can fight - so the rest of us with jobs can get to work or get back home at a reasonable time. 

I would bet you dollars to donuts that we would become a much nicer society if the threat of a shot to the mush was always present. 

And while I know that hours in the gym does not equate to fighting skills, I can tell you this beyond a shadow of a doubt…

When it comes to fighting, physical strength is NEVER a liability. 

Sure, if we adopted mutual combat as a country, you’d DEFINITELY want to acquire a few fighting skills…

But the strength you’ve built up over years battling against the iron will help you more than you know. 


Go write your senator or representative and let’s get this done. We’ve got to save our country…

And I believe violence is the answer. 

“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” - Richard Grenier

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