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Resist The Mainstream

Resist The Mainstream

There is a movement in this world to disregard truth. Whether it’s watching one of our politicians “freeze up” or whether or not the Earth is a sphere - we’re being forced to listen and in some cases - believe a narrative that goes against our own eyes. So, what’s the best way for somebody with grit and hardcore tendencies, deal with it? Let’s get into this…

“Don’t believe your eyes.” 

That’s what the mainstream world tells us. Don’t believe what you see - because it’s not really the truth. The truth is what the news or talking heads on social media TELL You it is. 

That is the problem with our digital-based world - the fact is - we don’t know what to believe anymore. It’s so easy to “deep fake” something now - that if we see it on a screen - we simply can’t take it at face value. In fact, unless something happens right in front of you - you can’t truly believe anything in 2024. 

If you believe everything the internet shows you - then do me a favor, call me… 

I’ve got some water front property in Arizona that I’d like to offer you. 

Honestly, though…

When are we going to be bold enough to stand up and say, “Enough is enough! We have had all we can take of this ideology of deception and lies,”? 

I don’t know about you - but I’m getting tired of a culture that will defend individuals that are clearly in the wrong. 

I don’t need to be religious to tell the difference between wrong and right - the morals of our country were woven into the fabric of the Constitution…

But even the document that our society is built on is in danger of being “canceled” or worse - ripped up and pushed to the dustbin of history. 

What’s worse? This isn’t seen as a “radical” idea. This is a concept that is talked about openly by a large portion of the population. They don’t whisper it… they shout it from the top of their social media mountain and the echoes can be heard across all the different channels. 

Those channels have trickled into the mainstream. 

It’s ideas like this we need to resist…

It’s these bad ideas that we need to shield our family and loved ones from. 

Think about how quickly a bad idea can be accepted as truth. Remember when cholesterol became a boogie man for the health and medical industries? One of the first casualties were eggs. EGGS! The most perfect food on the planet was demonized - and taken off menus all around America. 

Research now shows that the cholesterol in eggs is not as bad as the mainstream media outlets made them out to be.

We could go even further if you want to talk about BAD mainstream ideas - look at the food pyramid. 

The food pyramid that was released in the 1970’s basically told Ameircans - that if they wanted to be healthy - they needed to ingest more breads, cereals, rice and pastas more than anything else. More than fruits. More than vegetables. And definitely more than meat. 


Now, we know better, right? We know it should be the OPPOSITE. We should be eating mostly fruits and vegetables followed by meat. The LAST thing we should be eating in abundance are breads, cereals and pastas. 

However, if you ask most high school health teachers - they’ll adhere to the 1974 food pyramid because that’s what they were taught and have not gone out of their way to see if there are any other alternatives out there. They go with the mainstream. Why? 

Because it’s easier. 

It’s EASY to just run with the popular crowd. It’s nice to be liked. It’s nice to have the majority of the people you interact with - agree with you. Nobody wants to be yelled at and called names. They want to live easy. Peacefully. To make as little waves or as little friction as possible. 

Eff that…

From my experience - the easy road is bullshit. Nobody has gotten better by taking the easy road. We know that because our lives have been shaped by the iron. We know that growth only happens when we push boundaries and limits. There’s not shortcut to growth in the gym…

And there’s no shortcut to growth outside the gym. 

So, eff the mainstream. 

Resist it.

dds are - if everybody is moving in one direction - it’s best to go the opposite way, so you might want to step back and see which way you’re headed. 

“When people are very original, sometimes they are original as a way to resist the mainstream.” - Michel Gondry

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