Nutrex Next Athlete

The Submissions Are IN!
Good luck to all the athletes who applied to become Nutrex NEXT! Stay tuned for the updates here and on our social media.

Nutrex Research Is Searching For
Our Newest Brand Champions With
“The Nutrex NEXT Athlete Search”.

Do You Have The Passion To Be NEXT…
And Win A $10,000 Contract?


It’s what drives those that are willing to chase their dreams. 

From the baseball player who spends thousands of hours perfecting his swing…

To the soccer player willing to put her body on the line to stop that missle-shot rocketing towards her goal…

To the fitness trainer who spends hours helping clients reach their highest potential – while working towards their own dream of becoming a pro competitor…

It’s their passion for the sport that drives them to wake up early – to put in hours of practice and work – to win… to become the BEST.

For more than 20 years now, Nutrex Research, an internationally renowned leader in sports nutrition, has been the fuel for many of these athletes as they followed their passion and chased down their dreams…

And now it’s time for Nutrex to shine a spotlight on that passion. 


By finding the newest brand superstars for Team Nutrex.

We are looking for the two new faces that are ready to show the world exactly who they are. 

We have two coveted spots to fill – one male and one female – for a select few individuals whose passion for fitness or their sport shines brighter than the rest…

Which is why we’ve started The Nutrex NEXT Athlete Search.

The winners of Nutrex NEXT will be given a prime spot on Team Nutrex…

And will win a $10,000 prize – as well as FREE Nutrex Research supplements for a full year. 

Anybody 18 years and older – and living in the US – are eligible to enter. 


How will the Nutrex NEXT winner be found? By showing us your passion for fitness or your sport. 

And here’s how you can enter to win The Nutrex NEXT Athlete Search

February 1 – March 3 The Search BEGINS!

Contestants will link a social media video on Instagram or TikTok (of up to 60 seconds long) with the theme: “Show You… Now Show Your PASSION” – where you will show us and the world why you should be Nutrex NEXT – and submit the link to

From those submissions – 20 Semi Finalists will be selected by Team Nutrex members based on the athlete’s passion, creativity, and originality.

March 6 – March 24 – The Semi-Finals

The 20 Semi-Finalists next challenge will be to create three pieces of Nutrex content centered around one of three Nutrex products of their choice – all of which will be showcased on their social accounts with the tag #NutrexNEXT

The content of the video is the athlete’s choice – but again – these videos will be judged by Team Nutrex members on passion, creativity and originality…

As well as engagement growth and brand awareness. 

March 27 – March 31 – The Finals!

The 6 finalists selected (3 male and 3 female) will be showcased on – where fans can vote for the winner they feel is both passionate – and a fit for Team Nutrex. 

April 3 – The Nutrex Next Winners Are REVEALED!

The winners of The Nutrex NEXT Athlete Search will both be given a $10,000 USD contract to join Team Nutrex for a year, a $300 per month allotment of Nutrex products, and a trip to Orlando, Florida for a personal photo shoot at Nutrex headquarters. 

There’s no way we can tell you how thrilled we are about the Nutrex NEXT athlete search. We know the next faces of Nutrex are out there… and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the table. Good luck! And welcome to the new era of Nutrex!” – Lee Probst, Head of North American Business Development

May the most passionate athletes WIN!!