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Who Wants To Live Forever?

Can supplements help you live a longer, healthier life? With lifespans getting longer - what good is extended life if you’re not healthy enough to enjoy it? Here’s how to keep your body in optimum working condition.

“Who wants to live forever?”

This phrase has stuck with me for almost 40 years now - as it always reminds me of one of my favorite movies - The Highlander.

The first film in this franchise was a MASTERPIECE…

And one of the most touching scenes of the movie had a song by Queen titled “Who Wants To Live Forever” played over it. 

If you’ve ever seen it - you know what I’m talking about…

But as I get closer to 50 - this song and this phrase - has taken on a whole new meaning. 

While my brain still feels like it’s 28…

My body - after high school & college football, 15 years as a pro-wrestler and 17 years practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - feels a little bit older than my age. 

Not much… but enough. 

Quest For The Fountain Of Youth

So, as I venture into the back nine of life - I’ve looked for ways to keep my body feeling at least as young as I am - if not as young as my brain feels… 

So, I decided to share a few of these tidbits with my Nutrex Nuggets (you don’t mind if I call you that, do you?). 

I’m not alone in my quest for the fountain of youth… 

Since the dawn of man - people have constantly looked for ways to stay young and healthy - but...

Can supplements help you live a longer, healthier life?

While diet and exercise are important - there are also other factors that can help improve overall health and well-being…

Which is where supplementation comes in to fill the cracks.

Can Supplements Help You Live A Longer, Healthier Life?

Let’s take a look at a few that can lengthen your time on this earth.

The first one we’ll look at is creatine. 

According to the International Society for Sports Nutrition - creatine supplementation is currently the most effective supplement to increase exercise capacity and lean body mass. 

It has also been found to reduce muscle damage and enhance recovery after exercise. 

Additionally, there is evidence that creatine supplementation can improve cognitive function - with a daily dose of five grams recommended.

Not bad… 

That’ll help - but what else is out there? 

One of the QUICKEST ways aging sets in - or at least is most notable is our skin…

Wrinkles and loose skin tends to be a give away - but there is hope. 

A supplement that can improve skin health is collagen peptides.

In a 2020 analysis of 10 separate human studies - it was found that hydrolyzed collagen supplements can improve skin health, and may also benefit other organs such as blood vessels and joints. 

A daily dose of between 10 and 15 grams of collagen is recommended.

Also on the aesthetics list is hyaluronic acid…

This supplement that has been found to improve skin health and reduce wrinkles in a 12-week double-blind placebo-controlled study. 

A daily dose of 200 milligrams of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid mixed with vitamin D is recommended.

And speaking of the big D - and don’t mean “Dallas”...

The Big D

Vitamin D supplements have also been found to have numerous health benefits. 

A 2017 meta-analysis published in the British Medical Journal found that vitamin D supplements can reduce the risk of acute respiratory tract infections among all people…

A fact that would have been GREAT to know in 2020.  

Vitamin D is often paired with vitamin K to improve bone strength as well... 

A 2013 study found that vitamin K2 supplementation significantly improved bone mineral density - with the theory being that it helps keep calcium in the bones rather than in blood vessels. 

A daily dose of 1000 units of vitamin D and 120 micrograms of vitamin K2 is recommended.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

“Shawn, those are great… but do you have anything that’s got a broader range of benefits?”

Don’t worry, boo… I got you.

Magnesium is another supplement that is lacking in the 21st Century diet - yet is used in over 300 different reactions in the body - including affecting the concentrations of vitamin D.

Magnesium supplements have been found to improve bone strength and sleep quality when it’s paired with zinc - which is crucial for immune function…

As well as keeping you protected from general sickness - as zinc supplements have been found to reduce the risk of the common cold by 32%. 

A daily dose of 8 milligrams is recommended.

Not a bad list so far, right? 

Some brief - but useful information…

This Is The END...

Which brings us to our LAST supplement on the list: Omegas. 

Get it… I saved “omega” for last? 

Greek alphabet? 


Anyway, omega-3 supplements have all kinds of benefits - but did you know one of the biggest is the fact that it’s been found to reduce the risk of heart attacks?

A massive study called the VITAL trial found a high reduction in the risk of heart attacks with omega-3 supplements. 

A daily dose of anywhere between 500-1000 mgs is recommended. 


There you have it. 

This article may be more for us “weathered Spartans” - but it’s good information either way. 

Now you’ve got the weapons to give Father Time a run for his money…

I say kick that old bastard in the effin’ TEETH and remind him you’re not dead yet. 

Until next time, nuggets…

“Aging is not ‘lost youth’ but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” - Betty Friedan

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