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Bodybuilding: MORE Than Just a Hobby

Bodybuilding: MORE Than Just a Hobby

It’s funny what people seem to think when you mention the word “bodybuilding”. Some people are interested – some seem repulsed – but only those that do it truly know what it’s like. It has its ups and downs – and it takes a special breed to walk the path. Bodybuilding is more than just a hobby – it’s a lifestyle. Let’s get into this…

To the uninitiated – bodybuilding may seem like a mere hobby – a vanity pursuit even…

But to those who live it, it’s far more profound.

It’s a lifestyle…

And it’s not for everybody.

If you’ve been walking this road for any length of time – you know – this isn’t a path for the faint-hearted.

It demands sacrifice at the altar of iron.

Every added pound on the barbell, every meticulously measured meal – is a testament to the dedication this lifestyle requires.

The gym isn’t just a place…

It’s a battleground where we wage war against our limitations.

The adversities?

They’re plentiful.

Sore muscles are our constant companions.

The temptation to indulge in culinary delights, to skip a session for trivial distractions – is the proverbial siren’s call we must resist daily.

Our wallets feel the strain of maintaining this way of life – as do our relationships at times.

Misunderstandings arise…

Some see vanity where there’s virtue. Arrogance in place of ascetic discipline.

Bodybuilding Is More Than Just A Hobby

Not everybody understands what it takes to do this – and sometimes – that comes with ridicule.

Yet, these trials forge us…

Each rep, each set – is a lesson in perseverance.

When the weights seem insurmountable, when the body begs for respite – that’s where true character is tested and tempered.

The gym is our crucible – our forge.

The rewards – while hard-earned – are unparalleled.

The surge of triumph as a new personal best is achieved, the silent nod of respect from a peer – these are enough to keep us going.

Our bodies reflect the work we put in – but the true gains are invisible to the naked eye.

Discipline, resilience, a strong sense of resolve that we carry into every aspect of life – these are the REAL trophies we earn.

Bodybuilding molds the mind just as it molds the physique.

The tenets of stoicism – control over one’s emotions, the focus on personal ethics, the pursuit of wisdom – are all inherent in the discipline of bodybuilding.

It’s a philosophy enacted through action, repetition and sheer will.

Why Do We Do It?

But what drives us to continue to walk down this road?

Do we get some kind of high from each new personal record?

Do we get a rush from each new pound of lean muscle mass added to our form?

Are we addicted?

In a way…


When you’re standing in front of the mirror – and you see the veins popping, your fibers moving or your muscles bulging…

It’s hard not to stare.

It’s hard not to look at the form in front of you and stake claim over the progress that you made.

“I did that.”

Each meal you measured and weighed to the ounce…

Each rep you’ve squeezed out with total effort…

You build the physique that you see – and each new improvement is an achievement that most will never know.

And yes…

We are addicted to that feeling of progress.

There are worse things.

The Road Less Traveled

Would I ever consider abandoning this path?

The thought barely merits consideration…

But we’d be dishonest if we said that the thought crosses our mind from time to time.

When our friends are eating lavish dinners or going out to nightclubs…

Or when somebody in our family goes on an incredible vacation to sit and vegetate on a beach somewhere…

The thought definitely crosses our mind.


Despite the strains, the aches, and the solitary journey – the lifestyle is irreplaceable.

It has shaped me – not just in muscle – but in spirit.

The gym is my arena, my sanctuary and… my teacher.

Bodybuilding, in its truest form, is more than a hobby…

It’s a lifelong commitment to growth, strength and the unwavering pursuit of self-mastery.

And for those who understand its essence – there is no turning back.

“You can have results or excuses. Not both.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

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