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5 Ways to Get Shredded During Quarantine

We’re now deeper than ever into a realm of uncertainty and restrictions with the active COVID-19 pandemic that had caused most gym’s around the United States to become temporarily closed or enforced many restrictions making it much harder to properly workout like one normally would have pre-pandemic.

If you are an active gym-goer, you know how frustrating it can be to not have any way of getting that stress relief in and feeling like all of the progress you made has been completely lost or has the potential to be hindered long term.

Like myself, finding different ways of staying fit during quarantine can be incredibly complex and flat-out frustrating given the lack of accessibility one might have to free weights or just any type of fitness equipment in general.

What makes things even worse is how easily persuaded you can be to eat unhealthy junk food because you give yourself the common excuse of, “I’ll get back on my diet once quarantine is over.” Or the, “It’s just one day, how bad can it be for me?”.

Well, having this type of mentality can destroy any progression you made in the previous months when the gym was open. As we all know, one day turns into two days and so on…

Restrictions may have been lifted but the effects of the ongoing pandemic are still troublesome months later...

To put it simply, quarantine sucks.

However, just because you’re either condemned to your household for an unknown amount of time or you feel uncomfortable going back to the gym as most stay-at-home orders have been lifted, doesn’t mean you can’t stay on top of your fitness goals.

So, what would be the best ways to get shredded at home?

Let’s take it step by step and list out the top ways to keep that summer shred from turning into the quarantine 15…

1. Proper Diet and Nutrition

For the love of all things holy, I cannot stress enough how vital sticking to a proper diet plan can be. Even more important now that most workplaces have switched to having employees working from their homes, overall activity levels will most likely see a huge decline and you’ll end up wondering why those abs turned to flab.

Just because the gym might be shut down doesn’t mean you should go full permabulk mode and go off your diet plan.

Stick to eating healthy and follow practical guidelines when it comes down to nutrition. As they say, abs are made in the kitchen. So, if you want to stay on top of things and not turn into jiggly puff -- be smart and give your body the proper fuel it needs to stay in the best shape as possible.

Another reason why this is so important is that it will take less time to get back into the groove of things once the gym’s do re-open.

Set a goal for yourself and create a proper macronutrient target on a per weekly basis while staying within a caloric deficit.

2. Utilize Body Weight Exercises

If you’re like many individuals and don’t have direct access to fitness equipment, machines, etc. it’s best to utilize bodyweight exercises whenever you possibly can.

Finding the best at-home workouts to lose weight or build muscle can be pretty easy to find and most are obtainable just by using your bodyweight.

While we know this isn’t going to help you the same way going to the gym would, it’s the best option to stay in proper shape while continuing to build up your strength and tone your physique.

Yes, push-ups may get boring or seem tiresome after doing them so often. However, working with what’s available such as your body weight, can surprise you with how well you can continue to progress with your overall goals.


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The Importance of Research
To be completely honest here, get as creative as you possibly can.

When you’re limited with equipment, your mind can become a beautiful thing as you start to think of many different exercises you would have never even heard of before.

For example; dips using a basic household item such as a chair, air squats to help keep those glutes extra peachy, reverse crunches to light that core on fire and even something as simple as tricep extensions can be heavily relied upon while finding new ways to workout at home.

3. Implement More Cardiovascular Training

For those that hate doing cardio, now’s your time to skip further down…

Listen, I understand not everyone has a treadmill or stair master in their home – but I can tell you there are many different ways to do more cardio without the need for equipment.

Especially for those working from home who’ve seen their activity levels go way downhill, cardiovascular training is going to be a big thing to start implementing into your training regime.

High-Intensity Interval Training
Have you ever heard of HIIT cardio or interval training at high intensity for specific amounts of time?

If you answered yes, then I can confidently say you’ll have no problem at all finding different ways to utilizing a high-intensity session with either weights (if you have access to them) or your bodyweight.

It’s exercises like mountain climbers, jump squats, and high knees in intense intervals that can have you ready to pass out at any moment.

In a world where technology conquers all, check out YouTube for some additional HIIT workouts you can follow along with. After all, you’re going to want to keep your activity level as high as possible.

4. Reduce Cheat Meals/Avoid Binge Eating

Avoiding the grocery stores and opting to go for Uber Eats every night is probably not going to be your best bet when you’re wanting to build a better body – let’s just be honest here.

To put it quite simply, cheat meals every so often can be of assistance for sure. However, having them multiple times a week during a period where your activity levels are much lower than usual, isn’t going to help you at all.

Do This and Not That
Resisting the urge to snack all day when you’re stuck at home can be tough but even simple things such as chewing gum or taking a walk can prevent the overindulgence on snacks and junk food.

Quarantine is not a time to give yourself the excuse of eating whatever and whenever you want until the gym opens back up again…

Instead of having a cheat meal every so often, limit yourself to one free meal once every two weeks. As long as you’re sticking to your diet and training completely, you will be able to enjoy yourself once in a while.

Just don’t overdo it…

The potential negative aspects of binge eating go far beyond just the simple cheat meals every so often. Most boredom related binge eating can progress into serious issues long-term.

Hell, if you find yourself wanting to dive into that bag of Dorito’s sitting by your home office – grab a gallon of water and drink up! You’ll find that hunger tends to subside by having extra fluids in you.

Sometimes wanting to binge eat can be caused just by pure boredom…

Get out of the house (but maintain social distancing) and find something to do that takes your mind off of things for a while. After all, times are certainly tough right now, and going for a jog or walk around the block can be quite refreshing.

5. Add in Thermogenic Supplements

The best fat burners on the supplement market are perfect for appetite suppression, increasing internal thermal temperature, and boosting overall energy levels.

Thermogenic fat burners are highly beneficial for someone looking to get more defined and toned while on a proper diet and training regime. Some can help mental focus and clarity so that you can stay on top of your everyday lifestyle.

See Top Fat Burning Products

If you’re looking to fend off those endless snack cravings or just need a boost in energy for your workouts while giving yourself the added benefits of weight loss properties – fat burners are going to be your best friend while in quarantine.

Quality Products
To be specific, Nutrex Research has quite the extended family line of LIPO-6 products that have been proven to be of ultimate effectiveness since they first launched.

Consisting of high-quality ingredients, Nutrex is founded on highly researched and advanced formulations to help the average person reach their weight loss goals with much assistance.

Adding in any of these can greatly improve your physique to obtain the toned and defined look you’ve always wanted.

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The Take Home

Staying fit at home during quarantine doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. By utilizing the above tips, you will find yourself being able to continue progressing with your fitness goals – you just might have to get a little bit more creative with things.

If you’re still stuck without gym’s in your area or are just hesitant to go back to one right now, following proper guidelines and staying strict with your overall activity levels with at-home workouts is going to keep you in great shape while others may be slacking a bit.

Don’t think of quarantine as a drawback, use this to your advantage and dedicate yourself to staying on top of your health and wellbeing with the above tips to give you that extra advantage.