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blog The Best Plant Based Protein Powder

The Best Plant Based Protein Powder

In a market filled with utterly repulsive plant-based protein powders that taste like ground-up wood chunks taken from an aging house, a glimmer of hope tends to shine every so often with the right formulation and even better flavor masking.

With the competition focusing strictly on taking an all-natural approach, they tend to bypass doing the additional research on how to properly flavor plant-based protein powder.

Because of the majority of brands siding with no additional ingredients or branching out by adding artificial sweeteners, a stigma was created that essentially left you with two options. You can either get a horrible tasting plant-based protein powder or you can get a slightly improved tasting version, but the natural factor gets thrown out the window.

It’s a lose-lose scenario in most cases.

Consider this stigma to be officially broken. A new, industry-leading, product has officially burst onto the scenes and made the case to be crowned best plant-based protein powder.

Nutrex Research set out on a journey to combine all of the best plant-based sources into the highest quality formula while perfecting the flavor every step of the way. This scientifically researched formulation consists of a compound blend of very notable ingredients, such as:

  • Yellow Pea Protein
  • Brown Rice Silk Protein
  • Pumpkin Seed Protein
  • Sunflower Seed Protein

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This vegan protein blend allows you to reap the numerous health benefits and high-quality protein content with each sip.

Most importantly, the taste was perfected.

Countless hours were spent brainstorming endless potential flavors that would bring you the best experience overall while making you crave for more.

By using Monk Fruit Extract and all-natural thickening agents, Plant Protein was hereby born into its own category of greatness.

Hear it for yourself as to why Plant Protein is topping the charts as the best Vegan Protein Powder.

As you can imagine, Nutrex Research Plant Protein was very well received upon the official launch and garnered an incredible amount of feedback and positive reviews for this one-of-a-kind product.

With how well whey protein has evolved over the past decade from the grotesque powder formulations that made you gag with each sip, it was to be expected that the plant-based category would leap soon enough.

As the market slides into an oversaturated growth in the natural category, it’s important to cover all of the frequently asked questions and consensus surrounding plant-based protein powders, specifically Nutrex Research Plant Protein.


Who Can Take Plant-Based Protein Powder?
Plant Protein is great for anyone, including adults, pre-teen adolescents, middle aged and seniors. In fact, plant derived protein powder is actually much more beneficial to consume in the everyday diet over animal-based protein powders.

With all of the added health benefits that come from these plant-based sources, Plant Protein is a great addition to add to your supplement regime each day.

Pre-teens and children can benefit from the added nutrients and overall vitamins and essential amino acids that can be found in Plant Protein as they are continuing to grow into adulthood.

How Much Protein Should I Consume?
This specific question regarding protein intake can be heavily influenced by overall lifestyle such as whether you’re very active or do-little activity throughout the week. This can depend on several contributing factors including your job and what your setting is like.

For optimal muscle growth and recovery, 1.5 grams or 1g of protein per kg of body weight per day is essential. By utilizing Plant Protein, you can achieve this amount without the need to consume additional meals throughout the day as long as you’re keeping track.

Plant Protein will bring you 20g of protein per serving at approximately 31.5g scoop. The reason why this is important to everyday essentials is that it eliminates the need to push the body past its limitations with eating when you’re simply not hungry anymore.

What Makes This Better Than the Others?

Quite simply, Plant Protein has gained the extra edge within the vegan-friendly community for the sheer fact of an all-natural and high protein formulation with an extraordinary taste that leaves the competition in the dust.

With a clean macronutrient profile and overall competitive price point compared to other products on the market, this is the best option to select if you’re health-conscious but are also looking to upgrade in the flavoring department.

Plant Protein also provides you with C8 MCT Oil as another added benefit due to its metabolic properties and performance-enhancing statistics that are related to the usage. C8 is specifically well known for its energy compounds that are enhanced during the ingestion process as it is turned into ketones, creating improved mental clarity and overall focus.

Most importantly, Plant Protein does not contain any artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavorings which keep the all-natural base in-tact. Other leading plant-derived protein powders that have a better taste will typically be sweetened by artificial ingredients such as sucralose. By eliminating all of these and using Monk Fruit Extract, you can expect a mouth-watering taste with no worries about ingesting unknown sweeteners.

Final Takeaway

As we start to wrap things up, the best information to take away from this specific article would be to stop wasting money on plant-based protein powders you dread having to consume daily.

No protein powders this day in age should cause chronic anxiety or force you to hold your nose as you take grotesque sip after sip in pure agony. Make the switch to a best in class, gourmet-tasting plant protein made of all-natural vegan protein with every serving. Plant Protein is perfect for anyone looking to improve their overall protein and nutritional value per day while giving you the best experience.