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Tabata Training: Fast Functional Fitness That Works - Part 3

The final installment of how you can elevate your Functional Fitness with Tabata Training. And Get Fit Fast!

Part 3 - Tabata Training - A New Weapon in Your Workout Arsenal.

Hey Gang!

I hope you’ve been enjoying learning about this incredibly effective training tool as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about it.

Tabata Training is an amazing workout weapon to put into your arsenal…

Let me show you why.

Tabata Training and You

Since you can turn to almost any type of exercise into Tabata Training, you don’t need special equipment, nor do you need a gym membership.

Popular exercises include jumping rope, swimming, mountain climbers, squats, high-knee runs and sprints and cycling.

If you want to use equipment with your workout, dumbbells, barbells and treadmills are often used by professional athletes.

A timer is also a good tool to have so that you can time your intensity and your recovery intervals… but with timer apps for smartphones these days - it’s really not another expense to worry about.  

However, It’s important to stick to the time limits during Tabata Training, as the programming will help you get the most out of it.

The rest and recovery between high intensity spurts are very important too - as using both aerobic and anaerobic combinations is what makes Tabata training so effective…  

And the reason you will see amazing results in a short period of time.

Now, here’s the blunt truth: Tabata Training isn’t for everyone.

Even if you’ve been exercising for a while and think you’re in pretty decent shape - you should get the go-ahead from a health care provider before taking on the Tabata exercise method.

Push Ups - Functional Fitness - Tabata Training
Adding an uneven push up variation to your routine is a a great way to build the chest, arms and core. Push ups are great exercise to work into a Tabata Training Routine.

How Tabata Training Can Work in Your Life

From Olympians and professional athletes to star-celebrities, Tabata is now the trending method for getting in the ultimate physical shape and enjoying a lifestyle of more energy and more time in your life.

Not only will you be able to enjoy the physical aspects of adhering to a Tabata workout – you’ll also be more confident in your body image. That fact alone can motivate you to reach even further in all areas of your life.

You’ll have stamina that you never thought was in you and the short amount of time you spend on a Tabata workout gives you even better results than the long hours you used to spend in the gym or at another type of exercise.

Another positive effect of Tabata is that your metabolism will keep on working for as much as 24 hours after the workout is over – burning fat and keeping you energized. 

There’s no other exercise routine that can provide that level of results.

Not only will your body begin to change, and you’ll lose unwanted fat, but you’ll also get more done. Studies have found that those who engage in the aerobic and anaerobic exercises that Tabata offers are more likely to be productive and less sedentary than those who don’t.  

Super-charge your workout arsenal with Tabata Training today and see how a super-quick workout can change your physique and life.

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Example Tabata Workouts

Warm Up 30/10-1x

  1. Bouncing
  2. Lunge w/twist
  3. Cross body Straight leg Kicks
  4. Squats
  5. Toe Touches
  6. Push Kicks
  7. Hip Circles
  8. Sit Ups
  9. Table Top Bridges
  10. Tai Chi Twist

1st Set 30/10-4x

  1. Squat Jumps
  2. Row sit up
  3. Step out lunge
  4. Bridge

2nd Set 30/10 -4x

  1. Tuck Jumps
  2. Mtn. Climbers
  3. Single Leg Donkey Kicks
  4. Calf Raises

3rd Set 30/10 -4x

  1. Burpees
  2. V-ups
  3. Split Jump lunges
  4. Spiderman Planks

Finisher- 20/10 -4x

  1. Straight Leg Scissor Kicks
  2. Mtn. Climbers w/twist

Now Get Out and Train!

Lee Probst is a CPT, Co-Owner of Temple Martial Arts and Fitness, and a Sport Supplement Industry Veteran

References -

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