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alpha-t Can You Lose Weight by Having Sex?

Can You Lose Weight by Having Sex?

In this day in age, we’re surrounded by diet fads and ‘magical’ weight loss products that spark an interest in those looking to lose weight fast…

But what if I told you there’s a different and more fun way to shed that unwanted fat?

If you guessed sex – you’re 100% right.

Try naming a better way you would like to lose weight, I can wait…

I mean, c’mon – having sex is the greatest thing ever so why wouldn’t you want to take this approach towards losing those extra pounds.

Odds are, if you have a Fitbit or smartwatch that tracks activity level and you’ve had it on during sex, you’ve probably been notified before that you hit your daily goal of exercise during intercourse.

Now, this doesn’t mean that one quickie here and there is going to make insane progress on your overall physique.

So, let’s break it down to figure out how you can lose weight while having sex.

Sex and Weight Loss

Can You Really Lose Weight During Sex?

You absolutely can lose weight during intercourse since your activity levels are high and you’re burning more calories with each session.

However, if you’re a one pump chump – I may have some bad news for you…

You’re probably not going to lose much weight since your activity levels aren’t going to be sustained at a good amount over a longer period of time.

In fact, being able to maintain high performance in the bedroom is going to be crucial towards dropping the fat.

Getting your heart rate up and busting out new positions is not only going to make your partner happier, but it will also aid in your benefit.

Unlock Your Inner Freak
If you have such a high sex drive that even a gust of wind hitting you can put you in the mood, you might be in the best position to lose the most weight and have fun with every second of it.

If you and your partner are up to it – go ahead and get wild with things.

Try new stuff that really makes you both break a major sweat.

Intimacy in the bedroom alone will get your heart rate up and the blood flow will hit peak levels.


Getting all hot and bothered while sharing a romantic experience with your partner over a good amount of time is not only going to make things feel much better but you’re also going to have the chance to burn more calories with improved performance and longer-lasting sessions.

While we’re at it, let me just leave this here…

Having sex beats going to the gym any day of the week and that’s a fact.


How Many Calories Do You Burn Having Sex?

The total energy expenditure during sexual intercourse can depend on many different aspects.

Activity levels, time per session, and positions play the main role in calculating just how many calories you can actually burn.

While the question remains, it certainly brings out a level of curiosity with how many calories you can really burn having sex.

Is it enough to promote weight loss and/or can it be classified as endurance exercise?

Calculating the Details
One study was conducted on twenty-one heterosexual couples to compare the total amount of energy expenditure between a 30-minute treadmill exercise session and a sexual intercourse session monitored by an armband to track overall activity levels. [1]

Upon the conclusion of this study, results found that the mean energy expenditure during sexual intercourse was 101 calories or 4.2 calories burned per minute in men and 69.1 calories or 3.1 calories burned per minute in women.

As expected, the total amount of calories burned during a 30-minute exercise session was roughly 276 calories in men and 213 in women.

Clinical Study

While moderate exercise is more beneficial towards losing weight, having an active sex life still leaves you in good shape with how your weight loss journey will come to fruition.

While intercourse can certainly burn a good amount of calories, it’s respectively outweighed by the actual inclusion of moderate cardiovascular exercise.

To put it in layman’s terms – having sex doesn’t burn as many calories compared to controlled exercise and working out but it sure as hell is a much more enjoyable time.

That’s not to say that having sex isn’t good exercise, because it absolutely is.

Best Sex Positions for Weight Loss

You’re damn right we’re going to tackle this topic and breakdown the best ways to drop those pounds while spicing up your sex life a bit.

Enough of the waiting...

Let’s get started!

1. Standing

Utilizing sex positions in a standing manner will have you much more inclined to burn fat by the amount of energy and muscle contractions that go into the support factor.

Because you’re using your entire body, there’s going to be a heavier focus on keeping your strength at optimal levels and muscles in use.

After all, you don’t want to look weak when trying to pin your significant other up to a wall and only be able to hold them for a few seconds.

Core and leg strength are what it’s all about.

2. Doggy Style

We’re all adults here so this should come as no surprise.

This position stimulates the female and requires more abdominal and glute strength to maintain that position for a longer period of time.

For men – not only is this one of the best positions out there, but it also is great for stamina build-up and strengthens the quads.

3. Missionary

Ah, yes. Nothing says crazy Saturday nights with the missus quite like the good ole’ missionary position.

Just kidding.

No, but seriously.

Missionary is a great exercise for men as it requires more work (obviously) and energy expenditure to keep the rhythm going.

4. Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl

Ladies, this one is for you.

Cowgirl is the perfect position to help build stamina, strengthen the core and leg muscles all while giving yourself the ultimate workout for pleasure.

The overall activity level is dependent on the pace you want to take it but is the most effective for burning calories.

Enhance Weight Loss Further in The Bedroom

Since what seems like the beginning of time – pills/supplements have always been on the market to help with sexual performance and erections.

It should come as no shock when I say that there are definitely ways to help improve your sex life and make you last longer to help burn even more calories by the way of supplements.

Considering you’re here at Nutrex, what better way than introducing one of the top-rated performance boosters with T-Up, scientifically proven to raise natural testosterone levels in healthy men.

Performing longer in bed returns to an increase in activity levels especially when time is taken into account aka more calories burned and weight loss becomes a more obtainable goal.

An essential aid to help with your post-sex sessions would be the addition of EAA+ Hydration to help replenish the glycogen that's been depleted during a long session of intercourse.

The promotion of recovery with all 9 essential amino acids is very beneficial in aiding towards stamina build-up.

Certain research products and prescription medication options such as Tadalafil when taken at a proper dosage can also be beneficial towards boosting overall performance and sustained activity for a longer period of time.

The Final Takeaway

While it’s not surprising to note that exercise is still going to be the most beneficial method of weight loss, having sex certainly has its pros when it comes to burning calories and being labeled as exercise.

At the end of the day, you’re still increasing your activity levels and shedding pounds whether you believe it or not.

It’s just a lot more pleasing and enjoyable than enduring a 15-minute moderate session on the Stairmaster.

If you want to cut weight and have a lot of fun doing it – then, by all means, have as much sex as you possibly can.

Just keep track of things by wearing your smartwatch or Fitbit so that you can accurately find out how much calories you’re burning during your intense love-making session.