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anabolic Best Halloween Costumes For Jacked Physiques

Best Halloween Costumes For Jacked Physiques

Spooky season is in full swing and what better way to show off those anabolic muscle gains you made during the summer than with a killer costume that’ll have your ex-girlfriend wishing they endured the toxic relationship a little bit longer.

In this article, we’re going to break down all the best physique enhancing costumes for you to wear to that Halloween party you won’t end up remembering because you’ll be so blacked out from all of the Michelob Ultras and Jungle Juice…

No, this does not mean be a total douche and dress up as another Chippendales dancer.

Let’s break down the top 7 ways to get laid – I mean, the best Halloween costumes for those who are in love with the gym and showing off your ripped physique.

1. Rambo


Not only is this costume completely badass but it also acts as the perfect accent to your body with the stringer-like tank top.

It’s also optional to go shirtless and wouldn’t be frowned upon since Rambo does go full hardcore with the shirtless aesthetic.

You’re almost guaranteed to gain some extra brownie points also since you’re basing your costume off of one of the best movies of all time.

Just make sure to crush an arm day session ahead of time to get you looking right.

2. 80’s Bodybuilder

80s Bodybuilder

Talk about a way to be the life of the party…

Let’s just be honest here, this style of costume should be a given considering it directly correlates back to fitness in general.

There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing and easier to come up with than the pink Gold’s Gym stringer and super short shorts that are borderline underwear.

Throw in some tanned skin, crazy hairstyles, and parachute pants – and you have got yourself one of the ultimate costumes that will have people fully aware that you do lift.

3. Spartan Warrior

Spartan Warrior

Is this another shirtless costume?

Yes, but there’s a reason that this article is titled specifically for those who want to show off their muscles.

Can this be considered too revealing? Perhaps it could be.

However, if you’re looking to grab the attention of just about everyone at the party, being a spartan warrior for Halloween may be your best bet.

It’s pretty simple to put together too and shouldn’t be a drain on your wallet either so you can keep stocking up on the tuna packets and chicken breasts.

4. White Goodman

White Goodman

Even you can look good while repping the Globo Gym Purple Cobra’s, especially with White Goodman’s attire.

The handlebar mustache will truly add another level to the already perfect physique defining costume so you can dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge all the women throwing themselves at you.

Because this costume is form-fitting, you’re almost guaranteed to look like the most swole individual at the party.

5. Buff Rick

Buff Rick

Listen, Halloween is all about creativity and making the most of your ideas and creations…

Who doesn’t love Rick and Morty?

Meshing pickle Rick with a bodybuilder’s physique is surely going to get you some good laughs and is another great way to put those gains on full display without making things insanely weird or awkward.

Props to u/Brock_Nukem for creating this wonderful masterpiece.

6. The Hulk (Lou Ferrigno Era)

Incredible Hulk

If you don’t mind the green color not washing off of your body for almost a week, The Hulk is going to be one of the most top-rated costumes for those with a solid body.

Don’t be afraid to assert your dominance at the Halloween party, after all, being a jacked dude with green hair, skin discoloration, and ripped jean shorts is easily going to have you like the most alpha male in the room.

We also need to be specific here – only the Lou Ferrigno era is allowed. Anything other than that is severely frowned upon and should be considered a crime against humanity…

7. Wolverine


While this costume may be a bit overused at this point, going full-on Wolverine mode is always a great choice when it comes to looking for that one costume centered around your shredded body.

Even though the facial hair and white tank top is the most iconic part of this costume, it should be noted that Hugh Jackman was also completely ripped so it is fitting that you’re in peak shreds if you choose to go out in this outfit.

The tank top is also optional, and you can go for the shirtless version of Wolverine also to cause some heads to turn if you know what I’m saying.

The Breakdown

If you’ve been struggling to find the right costume for a while now and there just aren’t that many options that suit you – trying any of these outfits is a perfect solution to your Halloween necessities.

As I said, don’t be afraid to get super creative with how you put together your costume ideas.

If you find a way to make your gains stand out a little bit more, by all means – go for it.