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Top Ingredients for The Best Pre-Workout and Pump Enhancers

These days, the full-time gym rat and active fitness enthusiasts alike are constantly looking for the next big thing to help push their workouts to the very next level.

Pre-Workouts and Pump Enhancers are constantly the blunt of the subject as they are the main tools to help enhance energy levels and overall endurance.

The problem with an oversaturated market and the abundance of pre-workouts this day in age are the incredibly watered-down formulas that seem to be popping up out of nowhere. Whether it’s a lack of education or enticing customers with strong branding but a low cost of goods formula, the pre-workout market is a tricky one to navigate.

So, what makes a good pre-workout and pump enhancer formula?

Ingredients and formulations that are scientifically researched with a purpose when looking at a combined profile, are oftentimes hard to wrap your brain around if you’re not overly familiar with ingredients.

Just like pre-workout formulas, vasodilation-based products need a little bit more research before you pull the trigger on buying a product because of the front of the label and the call-outs that entice you to think it’s the next best thing.

With this article, we are going to dive straight into the best ingredients for a pre-workout, followed by a compounded list of well-rounded ingredients that make up the best nitric oxide products.

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Citrulline Malate 2:1

Citrulline Malate might be the most noticeable ingredient on this list as the vast majority of brands have been utilizing this nectar of the pump gods for the past 5 years and the effects are very well known to increase overall vasodilation. [1] A recent study has shown the Citrulline Malate also helps relieve muscle soreness that is accrued during rigorous training among other benefits during this clinical study. [2]

Overall, Citrulline Malate and L-Citrulline are a perfect addition to a base formula for added nitric oxide properties to increase blood flow and shuttle nutrients into the muscle group for absorption support.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is without a doubt, the most researched ingredient to ever grace the supplement industry as a whole. [3] Creatine Monohydrate has shown to help improve overall muscle recovery when broken down during training as it pulls water into the muscle group for advanced repair. [4] While there are many different types of Creatine available on the market, Monohydrate stands out the most due to its full effectiveness from medicinal studies and having the most research backed science behind it. [5]

Creatine Monohydrate has also been linked to increased strength and muscle growth in individuals when properly dosed over a significant period of time. [6]

Nutrex Research Pre-Workout Powerhouse, Outlift, contains the full clinical dose of Creatine Monohydrate at 3g per serving and is completely transparent when it comes down to the formula to make for the most effective pre-workout all together.



Beta-Alanine, most commonly associated with the constant itching and red inducing face flush. This ingredient is quite the necessity in most pre-workouts for the endurance properties associated with it and for good reason. In clinical studies, Beta-Alanine has been proven to increase overall strength and stamina over time. [7]

With Beta-Alanine being a universal ingredient within numerous pre-workouts, this ingredient is well regarded to be an essential part of assisting with resistance-training workouts for its athletic performance properties. [8]

The active clinical dose for Beta-Alanine or (Carnosyn®) is 3.2g or 3200mg and can be found in numerous pre-workouts such as Nutrex Research’ own, Outlift Clinical Edge.


S7™ has immediately burst onto the scene as a compound matrix consisting of the following ingredients for increased support of nitric oxide production:

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Turmeric Extract
  • Tart Cherry
  • Blueberry
  • Broccoli
  • Kale

The increased vasodilation profile of S7™ helps trigger a special form of nitric oxide production within the body [9] to help with nutrient partitioning, advanced oxygen production, increased blood flow and more. [10] A major advantage of this ingredient is its non-stimulant based foundation making it easier to stack with numerous compounds. [11]

A recent clinical study has also shown that S7™ delivers a surge of Nitric Oxide production of almost 230% after consumption in humans [12] making this ingredient a big part of a next level pump enhancing formula.

S7™ can be found in the latest addition of Nutrex Research line of pump enhancing products with Alpha Pump. At a whopping 50mg per serving, Alpha Pump will have you making noticeable skin-splitting pumps in the gym that will cause everyone to stop and stare after just one bicep curl.

Alpha Pump leads the charge for the top rated pre-workout pump enhancer category.


Formerly known as, GlycerPump. Glycersize™ is a stable form of glycerol powder that yields 65% Glycerol Powder [13] to support vasodilation and overall oxygen delivery. Glycersize™ is a completely stable form of glycerol content as well to maintain excellent flowability with specific formulations in mind. [14]

Another great advantage of using Glycersize™ is the ability to draw water in for effective retention to round off the pump all together bringing in a more stable and obtainable pump throughout your training sessions.

Introducing ingredients such as Citrulline Malate to a concoction consisting of Glycersize™ is guaranteed to bring the most value when it comes down to an effective vasodilation product.

Black Pepper Extract (BioPerine®)

BioPerine® or Black Pepper Extract is a common ingredient found in many pre-workouts due to its improved absorption rate and overall thermogenesis properties to help with energy and increased internal temperature. [15] Increased metabolism rate has also been linked to BioPerine® to help regulate body weight.

The history of BioPerine® includes the studies based on nutrient absorption as these cases show that Black Pepper Extract has produced a 30% increase in this specific area. [16] While BioPerine® has been used for over 20 years, it has really hit its stride within the supplement industry as a whole with its effective dosing for pre-workouts and thermogenic amplifiers.

The Mother of All Pre-Workout Stacks

After a consensus, these ingredients listed above are some of the best in the game when it comes down to looking for the best pre-workout and pump enhancer to help amplify your training sessions in the gym.

Even better, all of these ingredients can be found at their effective doses in both Outlift Clinical Edge and the newly released, Alpha Pump.

With Outlift being a staple product for any user’s pre-workout of choice, stacking this with Alpha Pump is the best way to achieve full vascularity production, explosive energy, vein-bursting pumps, and Arnold-like strength & endurance.

At an exclusive pricing discount, you can now pick up The Mother of All Pre-Workout Stacks for an amazing price only at

Grab your favorite flavors and obtain those gun-hugging sleeve pumps you’ve always wanted to achieve in the gym today!


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