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blog Probiotics For Performance

Probiotics For Performance

It’s Time to Perform Better With Probiotics

Are you an elite level athlete, amateur bodybuilder, a weekend warrior, or just trying to stay fit and healthy?  If you are, then you are most likely putting in time and effort to make sure you are getting the most out of your training and nutrition.  So keep reading because we want to show you how you can Perform Better With Probiotics

Now there are plenty of articles out there discussing the benefits of proper nutrition to enhance performance and your physique.  The following is not to rehash all of that. What it will do is provide light on how proper gut health and supplementation with a probiotic can help your performance, muscle building, body composition, and overall well-being.

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Probiotics for Performance

Probiotics and Immunity

First let’s look at Probiotics and Immunity.

As our friends over at DE111 note, that “About 70% of our immune system is housed in the gut.”

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The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) acknowledges that, the majority of studies conducted on probiotics have been on immunity.  The good news here is that the research has been very promising.  With the most findings showing a significant reduction in athletes developing Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTIs).

Intense and long trainings suppress our immune systems, which leave us vulnerable to all sorts of pathogens. You have probably experienced yourself after training hard, especially in the colder months that you tend to develop a cold that may take you down for a week or more. And then you don't fully recover for about the 3 to 4-weeks.

What the studies are showing is that athletes who added in either fermented foods or a probiotic tend to have a stronger immune response.  Which means that they have been able to stave off URTIs and have been able to continue their training and/or competitions.

So what does that mean to you?  Well, if you do not want to get sick and keep your training on track, then adding in a probiotic to your supplement routine is probably a good idea.  The obvious correlation here is that the healthy you are then the more training you can do. 

More Training = Improved Performance.

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Gut Health and Performance

As most of you know or have experienced once your gut goes out then your whole body just doesn’t feel right or work right.

An upset stomach can start a whole chain reaction where your head isn’t right and your whole body will to shut down.  Of course, I’m speaking figuratively but you get the picture. 

The gut problems athletes tend to experience are conditions like; IBS, diarrhea and leaky gut.  The research shows the catalyst is the increase in physical stress where blood flow is taken away from the gut and redirected to harder working muscle groups.  The reduction in blood flow hinders the digestion and the stomach lining is weakened.  So how can a probiotic help here?  Well, they have been shown to help improve the stomach lining.  With an improved stomach lining the gut is stronger and able to handle the extra stress and lack of blood flow.   There is also a notable advantage with digestion as multiple probiotic and prebiotic strains have been shown to improve digestion and absorption.

Strong Gut = Less Stomach Problems = Feeling Better = Ability To Train

Muscle Building and Body Composition

Whether you are a "bodybuilder" or an athlete striving to improve their overall physique you will also Gain by supplementing with a probiotic.

With the higher caloric intake of protein, fats and carbs that bodybuilders need to ensure an anabolic state (growing state) and to reduce catabolism (destructive state) and avoid weight loss.  Probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes are required to produce an environment within the gut to efficiently digest and absorb nutrients.  With a more efficient absorption delivering more nutrients to the muscles, allows for a more effective building of lean muscle. 

More lean muscle = less fat = better body composition.

Then you have all too common "Bodybuilders Bloat"!  Ingesting copious amounts of protein combined with an increase in fats and carbs tends to lead to improper digestion and a bloated stomach.  Adding in probiotics has been shown to improve digestion which tends to help with the bloating and discomfort so common in bodybuilding. 

Less bloat and discomfort then leads to more productive workouts, longer training sessions, and ultimately a better physique.

More lean muscle = less fat = better body composition


True health and wellness start with an inside – out approach.  There is enough research out there that with some simple Google searches you can see how improvements in gut health led to increased well-being.  And hopefully by now you are seeing the correlations between a healthy gut and how it will impact your overall health and wellness. 

Basically, if the gut is doing its job properly this will lead to a better overall state of well-being for you. 

  • Strong Gut = Strong Immunity = Less Sickness
  • Healthy Gut = Better Digestion = Better Nutrient Absorption
  • Strong and Health Gut = Strong Mind and Body

So... Health Gut = Healthy Body & Mind = More Effective Trainings = Improved Performance

Start Today With A Probiotic Supplement

In closing we hope you see how this simple supplement, added daily can improve your performance. 

As we have seen this is not direct influence on performance, such as Creatine increasing your ATP production directly impacting your power.  But we are certainly seeing an indirect influence on performance. 

So, while probiotics may not be as sexy as the latest pre-workout.  Put them in your supplement arsenal as insurance to maximize your hard work. Making sure your insides do their job effectively. And Ultimately Perform Better With Probiotics

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