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blog New Pre-Workout Performance Enhancer Analysis

New Pre-Workout Performance Enhancer Analysis

As many new pre-workouts are becoming the center of attention for label call-outs or irresponsible formulations, there’s one thing that continuously strikes the market as innovative.

Full transparency.

While not as innovative as you might imagine, having a completely transparent label is crucial toward helping the consumer make the right choice before dropping their hard-earned money on a product that is questionable with the dosage of ingredients that will be put into their body.

With that being said, disclosing ingredients is a major plus. BUT having the right ingredients in formula at beneficial dosages is extremely important to the pre-workout category.

Enter, Lipo-6 Black Training.

Gain hard-hitting, intense energy and mental focus with the all new pre-workout training solution, Lipo-6 Black Training

An all-new product that acts as your primary assault rifle on your everyday workouts to help assist with even the most grueling training sessions, Lipo-6 Black Training is the perfect pre-workout to add to your supplement arsenal.

Nutrex Research wanted to dive into the category a bit further with this specific formulation to help with an overall powerhouse energy sensation that is sustained throughout workouts by using a combination of ingredients that will make this one of the best pre-workouts on the market today.

What makes Lipo-6 Black Training so hyped up?

Honestly, all of the answers can be found within the ingredient profile. So, let’s dig deeper to uncover all of the major benefits and dosage of each main ingredient that can be found in this one-of-a-kind pre-workout.

GlycerSize™ 1g
Also known as GlycerPump, GlycerSize™ is a glycerol powder used to help support nitric oxide production and retains water much easier for a ‘fuller’ muscle pump that can be sustained for a long period of time during and post-training.

The oxygen delivery system is a well-known trait of introducing this ingredient into a solid formula for better nutrient partitioning to essentially ‘feed’ the muscles.

Caffeine Anhydrous 375mg
Commonly used as a fast-acting energy source, Caffeine Anhydrous has been used in many of the best pre-workouts and energy-based products alike. This ingredient will assist with mental alertness as it stimulates the central nervous system, making your energy output much more enhanced in a short amount of time.

Theobromine 150mg
Another great energy source found naturally in chocolate (cacao), is Theobromine. This ingredient helps fight off additional hunger cravings with its appetite suppression properties so you can have a clear sense of mind during your workouts.

Among many benefits, Theobromine also acts well as an anti-inflammatory and won’t necessarily cause a vasoconstriction issue.

Di-Caffeine Malate 50mg
What makes Di-Caffeine Malate so interesting is the time-released energy production that is so heavily influenced and reflected by this ingredient. Just like caffeine, this specific ingredient helps improve energy levels and mental focus.

Putting the cherry on top is the feature of improved endurance and stamina to help assist with fatigue accrued overtime during your workout.

Pre-Workout Ingredients

Rauwolfia Vomotoria Extract 2mg
Heavily referred to as a-Yohimbine, Rauwolscine is typically used for its effects on mood elevation and can be found in the majority of the top fat burning supplements on the market due to its appetite suppression feature among others.

Having a clear mind and focus-driven workout should always be the top priority of pre-workout formulations, which is why you will often see a-Yohimbine included.

This patented ingredient contains the most high-quality absorption properties that are essential for pushing nutrients through the blood stream at a much quicker rate. Bioperine® also carries benefits for mental focus and clarity, which in-turn, boost overall production levels.

High quality pre-workout formulations will typically include the addition of Huperzine-A at careful doses to ensure more enhanced cognitive functionality production levels you desire in the gym.

Huperzine-A has actually found its way into mainstream headlines with its potential benefits surrounding Alzheimer’s Disease.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve covered the main important ingredients of this all-new pre-workout, it’s imperative to assess your stimulant tolerance as well. Lipo-6 Black Training is not just a run-of-the-mill pre-workout addition to the oversaturated market, it is a very intense and impactful pre-training solution for your rigorous training.

With a completely transparent label, you can ensure you will know exactly how much of an ingredient is in this specific profile. No hiding, no chemical taste, no ‘watered-down’ formula. Lipo-6 Black Training is everything you could want in a pre-workout to help burst through your workouts at a high intensity.

Unlike Nutrex Research Outlift, this pre-workout is tailored to the individuals looking for more of explosive energy compounded product while increasing muscular pumps with the addition of specialized ingredients like GlycerSize™.